LoRa, short for long-range, is a long-range coverage, low power consumption wireless tech-nology that fulfills Internet of Things (IoT).

  • MerryloT has a healthy solution and monitoring solutions that will give you a peace of mind of indoor air quality, security, and water leak.
  • Capacity can greatly save your costs: one hub can connect thousands of sensors and can have your home all covered, inside and out, even your detached garage.
  • The connection distance varies to the installation environment. A hub that is installed the higher and surrounded by less metallic materials, the better.
  • Theoretically, the horizon can reach up to two thousand feet, and up to three floors in verti-cal distance.

Up to one thousand sensors when the sensors are within a hub coverage.

No, it won't charge you anything.

For small quantities, you can purchase from Amazon. For bulk orders, please reach out to us at sales@browan.com

  • When a device sends information over the network using your hotspot
  • By initiating Proof of Coverage (PoC) Challenges over the internet.
  • By participating in a PoC Challenge.
  • By acting as a Witness to a PoC Challenge between nearby hotspots.
  • By being a part of a Consensus Group.

The power consumption will only be approximately 0.12 kWh per day.

We don’t recommend installing the Hotspot outdoors, however if required, ensure you purchase an additional outdoor enclosure to protect it from the elements.

Please note the operation and storage temperature requirements in the table below:


- Temp. operating -10°C ~ + 40°C ambient

- Storage -20°C ~ + = 70°C ambient

- Humidity operating 5%RH ~(non condensed relative humidity)

- Altitude operating 0 ~ 3000 Meters

Place the Miner or its antenna near a window for best performance.

If Miners are too close to each other (within 300 meters or so) they will end up competing for Challenges and their overall participation in PoC would be impacted. The recommendation would be to have them separated at least a few houses or blocks apart to broaden the network coverage.

 Follow the steps outlined here.

1. Access the hotspotty and log in with a Discord account in the upper right corner

2. Go to Locations and add location

3. Enter your installation address or drop a pin on the map and declare the installation height, then save.

4. There will be a virtual hotspot point. Go to the “Reward scaling”, you will see the transmit scale simulation of this location.


Please see here for the onboarding instructions.

Yes, that’s possible for a charge of US$10.

Yes, you can transfer your MerryIoT Miner to another account for a Handling fee. You can find the details on Helium.

It can adversely affect mining and earnings under relayed mode, Helium recommends enabling TCP Port 44158 in both directions in your router. Check your Router's manufacturing instructions on how to open ports 44158.

- To get started with port forwarding, check out https://portforward.com

- For support and firmware updates, Helium will need ports 22 and 443 open Outbound.

- Here is an example video for reference.

Here are the steps for switching Miner’s Wi-Fi network to another Wi-Fi network.

  1. Enable your smart device’s Bluetooth function
  2. Hold the Hotspot Miner’s pair button for 5 seconds to activate Bluetooth
  3. Go to Helium APP and click on Pair icon to update Wi-Fi connection

The USB port is to enable the MerryIoT Miner’s debugging internally. It doesn’t support a 3G/4G dongle.

There are two purposes of the TF card

  1. To store the Miner’s Blockchain data
  2. To regularly erase older Blockchain data and log files

※ Please DO NOT remove the TF card or it will invalidate the warranty

The MerryIoT miner is working properly if all LED status are solid green. Also, you could access the Hotspot Miner via its IP address using https (e.g.,, to see

  1. if the SD Card (in System Info menu) can be detected.  
  2.  if all the Hotspot Info are normal, especially Blockchain status. 
  3. if the Miner status is running                                                                                                                                 


When the FASTSYNC button is available, you can trigger FASTSYNC through the web interface. However, in most cases, you don't need to conduct FASTSYNC manually, the system will automatically determine when FASTSYNC can be performed and will trigger it automatically when needed.

If you find that the block is stuck at a certain height, you can try to execute RESYNC manually. This will clear all the blockchain data and will resync from block height 0. As the blockchain data will keep growing, the process usually takes 20~30 minutes with normal internet speed. Please do not execute the RESYNC if the block height grows stably.

If you find that the block height is in the Syncing state for more than an hour or Miner status shows “stopped” on the web interface, you can try to click the RESET to fix it. It will clear blockchain data and resync from block height 0. Same as the resync process, the process usually takes 20~30 minutes with normal internet speed. Please do not execute the RESET if the block height grows stably.

If the SD card cannot be detected, there will be a REPAIR button display on the right side, please click on it to fix the SD mounting fail issue.


         The SD card size should be 60G. If the size is smaller than it, it means there are more then one partitions. Please follow the steps below to repair the SD card.

  1. Turn off the Miner
  2. Take out the SD card
  3. Remove all partitions using PC
  4. Format the SD card as exFat format
  5. Insert the SD card
  6. Turn on the Miner
  7. You should see the SD card size is 60G


If your hotspot miners still have some issues, please forward the port 168 to your hotspot miners and contact your miner’s provider to let them know your miners are ready for troubleshooting. We will check it later.

For onboarding or connectivity, please email your distributor for assistance.

For Helium related issues, please email support@helium.com for assistance.

  • Micro SDXC Storage Size: 64GB
  • Speed Class: Class 10 UHS
  • Speed Class: U3
  • Format: exFAT

※ Use the Helium APP to disconnect the WiFi settings.

1. Activate your miner's Bluetooth by holding the pair button for over 5 seconds until the LED of MerryIoT logo keeps solid light.

Activate your miner's Bluetooth by holding the pair button for over 5 seconds until the LED of MerryIoT logo keeps solid light

2. Go to Helium APP and pair with the miner via Bluetooth and choose WiFi update. 

Go to Helium APP and pair with the miner via Bluetooth and choose WiFi update

3. Click any Available WiFi, hit “Forget” and then input WRONG WiFi password.  The miner will connect via Ethernet automatically after failing to connect to WiFi.

In order to combine different hotspot models, now the global LED has two definition, one is for internet checking, another one is for BT advertising. Therefore, once the BT is active, the user will see the MerryIoT logo LED with solid light and the global LED will stay blinking for 5 minutes. However, if the BT is inactive and see the global LED stays blinking, please check your local internet status.

Please try to change your settings about Nearby Share Device Visibility if you are using an Android phone.

Here is the reference for how to change it, and we recommend selecting "All Contacts".

Please take note that all products sold is designated as a Non-Cancellable / Non-Returnable (“NCNR”) product, except for where any quality problems apply or manufacturing defect.
User can not modify the FW by any means or the product will be out of our warranty scope. Contact us to review the problem if you want to return your unit. No products will be accepted for return without any prior arrangements. We may collect some logs for analyzation.
We may revise this Agreement from time to time and reserve the right of final interpretation.

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